#Eclipse2024, The Astrophysics Fedora, #DevilComet? (Nibiru, Nemesis)
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Well, obviously, Mr. Big TV Man like Neil or Carl, or Academic Institutions (academia prizes black satin and boxed heads, not collective consciousness evolution) is never going to describe astrophysics to you the way I do… Because Mr. Big TV Man’s boss’s job is to tell you nothing except “all you need to know”. The insider’s club treats everyone like mushrooms- kept in the dark, and fed b.s.! No me, tho- I sell you that on a t-shirt and give you the dank info bombs for free. Donations are accepted at

Skywatch Media News, Nibiru-Planet X System and its Impact on our Solar System

Want MORE high-speed low-drag accurate intel on #Eclipse2024 and physics? Listen to Richard Alan Miller’s interviews with Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy- they’ve done several. This most recent, March 28th 2024!

Music credits: Skyrize- The Cosmo’s

Hardstyle jumpdance shuffle: Novatic

Don’t worry if this goes over your head. It’s a lot of info in a knowosphere that was hidden. Best thing to do is expand the mind’s abilities of comprehension by #Detoxing the ills of living in #CubeWorld, like free radicals, heavy metals from the brain, and improving the diet with #Superfoods- Moringa is tops. Get you some, in the form you prefer, with the Moringa button here: There’s also a button for Zeolite that will accelerate the #Detox process.

#FAFO Find out what else I’ve been doing on the internet! hehehe

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