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NIGHT SHADOWS 12292023 -- Lowering the Hammer on THE HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH
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Published 2 months ago

So here we are closing out of 2023 and 2024 appears to be a dandy year for trouble of the severe type as the Lord lowers that hammer upon the hammer of the whole Earth, aka America/Babylon the Great. Our borders are wide open, and as Jeremiah warned we are being filled with a 5th column military invasion that will soon be manifest to all in a moment of time...and then we have the new mRNA jabs being promoted with masking up for the new CV23 "variants" and we are being told millions will die - but it will be from the first run of jabs, it is just a cover for the acceleration of deaths now going on and as we were warned in Revelation it is a witchcraft event. Then we have the Sun and radiation events, earth changes, the Destroyer, the arrival and more - so get under the wings of the Lord via the strait gate and narrow way so your eternal life is in heaven and not ruin and more in tonight's MIGHT BE broadcast..

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