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35 Times NASA/CIA/FAA Documents REFER to '... over a flat, non-rotating earth”
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35 Times NASA/CIA/FAA Documents REFER to '... over a flat, non-rotating earth”

35 Government Documents Admit Flat Earth NASA, ARMY, FAA, AIR FORCE, CIA

Singapore/New York/Singapore flights SQ21/SQ22 - More proofs of a FLAT EARTH

If the earth is a spinning globe (oblate spheroid) in the infinite vacuum of space then why does NASA in “NASA Reference Publication 1207 – August 1988” on page 30, refer to a “a stationary atmosphere over a flat, non-rotating earth”?

Flight Dynamics Summary

"It’s flat & motionless Folks! From the Pilot’s basic study guide; please read 1.1.2 & let that sink in! Every Pilot was taught this, but some still don’t get it, (I didn’t at first) & some just stay asleep & yes it does say ‘assumed’ but when does the theory become a spinning reality? Where is the next part B manual to apply Coriolis & curvature nonsense to any flight? Never...because it is a flat & stationary Earth we live & fly on. All flight planning & aerial navigation is based always on a flat motionless plane! Curvature or spin is never accounted for EVER " 126:"The nonlinear equations of motion used are six-degree-of-freedom equationssith stationary atmosphere and flat, nonrotating earth"

Determination of Angles of Attack and Sideslip from Radar Data and a Roll Stabilized PlatformNASA  - March 1972 page 2:"The method is limited, however, to application where a flat, nonrotating earth"

An Aircraft Model for the AIAA Controls Design ChallengeNASA - 1991 - page 11:"The nonlinear equations of motion used in this model are general six-degree-of-freedom equations representing the flight dynamics of a rigid aircraft flying in a stationary atmosphere over a flat non-rotating earth"

Investigation of Aircraft Landing in Variable Wind FieldsNASA 1973 - page14 pdf or 6 on actual report:a) The earth is flat and non-rotating.

A Mathematical Model of the CH-53 HelicopterNASA   - page 17:“The helicopter equations of motion are given in body axes with rerpect to a flat, nonrotating Earth.”

Atmospheric OscillationsGeorgia Tech April 1965

Prepared for NASApage 13:A model frequently used is that of a flat, nonrotating earth.

page 19:These equations assume a rigid vehicle and a flat, nonrotating Earth.

Flight Testing a VSTOL AircraftNASA 1988 - page 9 pdf or 4-5 on actual doc:“For aircraft problems, the state and measurement models together represent the kinematics of a rigid body for describing motion over a flat, nonrotating Earth...”

Time to Climb“In our minimum time-to-climb problem, the aircraft is modeled as a point mass and the flight trajectory is strictly confined in a vertical plane on a non-rotating, flat earth.


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