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Anna Brees Submission Full Video - Fighting Back, Civil Division, The Cabal, The System at Large
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Published 3 years ago
My submission to Anna Brees citizen tidbit series. Video here:

I would encourage anyone willing and able to submit their own video to Anna and let her know I sent you! : )

Anna Brees YT:

"Addy is the 133rd person to contact us. This is a time for a new media that you own, please let us know how you feel - share your experiences via video to WhatsApp or WeTransfer to 07512 665059. You must be happy for this to be shared to all social media platforms - please state your name, location and occupation. Please keep your videos to under 6 minutes 30 seconds if sending via WhatsApp.

To support the channel and to help us boost these videos on new media please go here"

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