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Organic Portals and the Matrix Control System. By Michael Lancaster
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Sergeant Schultz
Published 2 years ago |
This video is all about empowering you as an individual to see through the illusions and take actions to take back your free will and protect it. Sharing with you the knowledge and the tools to set you on the path to awakening. The hero's journey. Source:

The type referred to here as organic portals (for reasons which will become clear) are people whose abilities of imitation are so developed, so much an integral part of who they are, that they can only be discovered after years of observation. The psychopath is the failed organic portal. Most organic portals have no inclination to break laws; in fact the majority have no real inclinations at all other than to pursue the A influences (Mouravieff’s term) otherwise known as the social norms, such as money, sex, marriage, fame or any of a host of other ideals that we are all encouraged to strive for from an early age. The attainment of these goals is held up in global society as the culmination of the search for happiness, yet it is evident from the state of our world today that true happiness remains as illusory and elusive as ever, at least for those who have an inkling that there is something more. So where do these life goals that serve us so badly come from? Is it possible that they are in fact someone else’s ideas and goals for us? Is it in someone else’s interest that most of us expend our energies and efforts in a fruitless pursuit of chimerical happiness? This concept is not new at and is therefore an idea that will not be strange to regular readers of the site, but what is new and indeed very strange is the idea that there could be billions of these organic portals who have been vectored toward keeping those unaware of this concept lost in the “wilderness and desert,” ensuring the continued production of “loosh” from all of humanity. It should be noted here that we are not talking of some form of malignancy or evil on the part of organic portals; rather it would seem that they are simply doing and acting according to their natures, which it appears is to a large extent soul-less. As the research, ideas and thoughts developed, it was one revelation after another, and it soon became clear how possible this grand plan could have been implemented: It seems there are possibly 3 billion organic portals sharing the planet, that is, one out of two people on the planet may be effectively soul-less. The adamic and pre-adamic Races.

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