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Why I'm talking about JESUS. Why I say to "Read the Book of John, for yourself, OUT LOUD."
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Evan Talks
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Published 2 years ago
Here is my testimony. Why I came to Jesus. Why current events in the world require us to choose sides now. And why I recommend everyone read the Book of John, and to read it for yourself, and to read it out loud.

I mention some songs that God has been dropping into my head as ways to answer my questions, bring me closer to Jesus, and help others find their way. Here's a link to my Soundcloud playlist "Songs for Jesus." I hope you enjoy these songs! Please share them!

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I'm banned from posting to Youtube, and so for now my livestreams go out daily to Facebook, Twitch, and Twitter (Periscope) at 3pm pacific time Monday thru Friday.

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I always post the replay of the full show to Rumble each night.

Today is the first day I edited clips from the full show.

Ideally, I'd love to be posting everything here but I'm already out of time (time to start prepping tomorrow's show) so for now I'm going to post clips here when I have them, and continue posting the full shows to Rumble.

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