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Piers Corbyn splits opinion in latest stunt as he pays with cash at cashless Aldi (August 1, 2023)
Published 4 months ago

In a new clip, Piers Corbyn appears to attempt to pay with coins at a cashless 'shop and go' Aldi before forcing his way out of the store as his supporters congratulate him.

Jeremy Corbyn's brother has divided opinion after he appeared to attempt to pay with coins at a cashless Aldi before storming out of the shop.

In footage shared on social media on Monday, controversial fringe theory activist Piers Corbyn can be seen taking part in a new stunt at the Aldi Shop and Go store in Greenwich, London. The shop, which does not feature a traditional till, instead uses camera technology to track customers as they pick up items before charging them via an app upon their exit.

The clip shows Piers approaching the front of the store after picking up a punnet of strawberries, where he announces: "I'm going to buy some strawberries, and I'm offering exactly the right amount of money" before placing coins on the help desk. Addressing members of staff, he then urges them to "take that money - £1.90 - and I will go outside".

A person believed to be an Aldi worker then pleads with him not to leave and tells him "police are on their way" as he forcibly exits through the entrance gates, which can only be opened with a dedicated app. As he reiterates that he has "paid by legal tender", a small group of Piers' supporters then applaud and congratulate him when he walks out into the car park.

Their praise has also been echoed by some of his followers online, who lauded him for defying the supermarket's cashless policy at the store by paying with what is usually thought to be legal tender. 

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