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Democrats Love School Shootings
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Published 4 months ago |
Like Nazis, the number one tactic used by Democrats is the "false flag" event (I.E. Jussie Smollet) to try to carry out their desired overthrow of America. Usually no one calls their bluff and thus they cannot conceal their Satanic glee. I'm calling their bluff about their mass shootings that they use to try to ban guns and enact legislation that they have already prepared prior to the false flag event. I hope this post will get you thinking, praying, fasting, and researching to save America from the Democrats (Nazis). It includes a video clip from Millie Weaver, audio clips from Ted and Austin Broer, and also a running clip of Robert O'Rourke proving the point, unable to conceal his Satanic glee after a mass shooting occurred at Walmart in his home town. [Update Aug 12, 2019: I mistakenly call O'Rourke "Richard" in the audio, but if that's the only mistake I've made while recording virtually noteless, only once looking at a 3 in x 3 in yellow stick note, then I think I did well.]

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