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the Chase scene from The Deliberate Stranger (1986)
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*Warning! This reenactment of the real-life disappearance of Georgann Hawkins is part of a docudrama. It deviates from the facts of the case but only for dramatic purposes.*

In the early hours of June 11, 1974, on the campus of the University of Washington Seattle, Georgann Hawkings visited her boyfriend to get some notes for a critical Spanish test she needed to cram for. Leaving his place around one in the morning, the pretty 18-year-old girl, in a sleeveless red crop top, peach mini skirt and wooden high heel mules, waves goodbye to her boyfriend. Despite the late hour, the girl had no concern about walking home alone, since the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority house that she lived in is less than a block away; and the quickest way to get there is an alleyway that ran down the length of the block.
She had used this route many times before to visit her boyfriend, and since this passageway is well lit, she saw no risk in taking it. However, what this pretty girl doesn’t realize is that she has an admirer of the moment. They saw the girl enter her boyfriend’s dormitory, and they were so enticed by her beauty, that they lingered about in the darkness hoping that she would emerge.
Heading into the alleyway, the pretty girl’s only companion is the clip-clop of her mules, but not for long.
With his patience paid off in spades, the pretty girl’s admirer emerges from the shadows. With utmost stealth, this stranger follows her. Not having a clue that someone is stalking her, the cute girl sashays down the alleyway with a smile on her face. Closing the distance between himself and his quarry, this stranger matches the girl’s footsteps as the two of them enter a gap between the alley lights.
Suddenly enticed by both lust, and rage, this unknown fellow quicken’s his pace. As the pretty girl continues to stroll down the alleyway casually, she is unaware of how much danger she is in until finally, the stranger grabs her from behind. The abrupt shuffling of feet replaces the clip-clop of the girl’s mules, after which there is only silence.
Oh well, if this pretty girl had stayed the night at her boyfriend’s place, she wouldn’t end up another notch in the pistol of the wicked and dastardly Ted Bundy.

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