HORSES on Ancient Greek & Roman COINS including Races, Chariots & Pegasus #trustedcoins
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See depictions of Horses, Horse Riding & the Mythical Pegasus and Hippocamp on the coins of Ancient Greece and Rome

Horses were a popular subject on both ancient Greek and Roman coins as they were important to the ancients. To truly think about it, the ancient economy, travel and even warfare was very dependent on this one majestic animal. This guide made by Ilya Zlobin of eBay's Authentic Ancient Greek Roman Coins (a store where you can buy many great ancient coins) was created to get you educated about the subject of the various depictions of horses that were done on ancient coins. The coins shown here show various rulers on horseback, horses of various types and motifs along with the various gods and goddesses such as Zeus and Apollo. In the video above, along with the pictures and descriptions below, you can see just some of the ancient coins depicting horses that were minted. You can learn a lot from this article and see some of the coins by clicking the pictures or links below.

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Greek coins with Horses

Roman coins with Horses

NGC Certified coins with Horses

NGC Certified coins with Chariots

One part you can see here are the various types of chariots pulled by horses such as biga (2 horse chariot) the triga (three horse chariot) and quadriga (four horse chariot). You will see depictions of ancient Greek, Roman Republican and even Roman Imperial coins in this article with the theme of the horse flowing through the entire thing. Various Roman emperors such as Augustus, Septimius Severus, Geta, Caracalla, Marcus Aurelius and so many more were depicted heroically on horseback. It seems that more recent rulers have adopted this tradition as we still see heroic horse mounted statues of various heroes.

An ancient coin featuring the great undefeated "conqueror of the world", Alexander the Great, features his portrait and him on his legendary horse Bucephalus. The horse after dying in the area of northern India even got a city named after it called Bucephalia. Alexander the Great loved his horse and wound up taming it as it was wild and beautiful horse. This can be actually see in the Hollywood Oliver Stone film Alexander Revisited Director's Cut.

Various ancient Greek cities such as those from areas of ancient Sicily, Aeolis, Thessaly, Macedonia and many more had an appreciation for horses including the tactical advantage that they gave them. A city such as Larissa actually celebrated it's horse raising in it's agricultural hinterland and showed them on their coins proudly. King Philip II, wound even commemorating his horse racing victory in the ancient Greek Olympic games on his coins in bronze, silver and even gold!

Moving on to coins of the Roman Republic you will see various depictions from various victories versus foes such as those from Gaul, also chariots being driven by gods such as Apollo, Zeus and Victory.

Horses also took on more mythological distinctions such as that of the flying Pegasus or the half-horse half-mermaid nautical ocean swimming helper to Poseidon or Neptune. These depictions on ancient coins were also very interesting.

In conclusion, horses could be one of the biggest subjects of connecting various cultures such as those of the Greeks, the Romans and even later "dark ages" or "medieval" time people such as the Vandals. The subject of collecting ancient coins with horses could be a gratifying topic to pursue as there is such a variety of these different coins, with many being very reasonably or low priced.

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