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6/29/19 #CANDIDISTAS! Debate Fiasco, Putin vs.Globalists, KH is That Girl! #FOODFIGHT
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Published on Jun 29, 2019
6/29: Putin gave a powerful interview to the Financial Times of London upon arrival at the G20 Summit on Friday, saying that Globalism is a fascist take over of the worlds resources by an elite few. He urged countries to dump the identity politics agenda, and preserve their cultures by promoting human fertility and child birth as well as stopping UN replacement migration policies. Meanwhile, the Dems went full Castro amid multiple "technical glitches" on MSNBC in Miami. To a person, each candidate supported broad implementation of socialist policies, even while some, such as Butigieg, tried to couch them in less blatant language. And, guess what! KH is That Girl!

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Please get educated on Common Law and how YOU can participate in the 2nd Am Rev by learning the Constitution, Common Law, acting locally and what it means to have government by consent, as intended by the Founders:

K_H's "bussing" experience as the daughter of a doctor and Stanford University Professor from her neighborhood on the N. Oakland/Berkeley line to Berkeley Thousand Oaks Elementary (approx 1.5 miles away from her home!):

Who K_H wants you to think she is:
Vs. who she really is ( here are a couple of YAFTV past videos, there are several more to watch on the channel if you would like to understand more about KH's political background and agenda) ...

Putin speaks out against Globalism ahead of the G20 Summit:

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