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Cell Phone Radiation Safer Use of Your Smartphone MUST WATCH!
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EMF Safety Zone
Published 9 months ago |
Purchase the Safe and Sound Pro Microwave Meter:!/Safe-and-Sound-Pro-State-of-the-Art-RF-Microwave-Meter/p/135613082/category=32163251

- EMF Safety Zone Website:

This is the new Safe and Sound Pro. It is the highest quality and most sensitive meter available on the market at this time. It will measure 5G within its frequency range of up to 10 to 12 gigahertz.

A high quality microwave meter will show you the truth regarding exposure levels of wireless devices and environments with wireless radiation exposure. Cell phones are not safe, they are not healthy. This is known and proven. Here are some very hot tips for a safer way to carry a cell phone with you during the day. Using these tips and disabling the options suggested, the phone will not be in constant communication with a cell tower and blasting radiation through your body, even when you are not using the phone!

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