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5/15/19 #PARTYMONSTER: Kappy, Bayer Apology, Soph, BHO Fraud #YouCantWatchThis
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Published on May 15, 2019
5/15/19: Bayer is facing a 2 trillion dollar liability as France exposes Monsanto's criminal targeting of journalists, lawmakers and other key officials who opposed GMO's/glyphosate use and more...Meanwhile, a Hollywood whistle Blower dies by "forcing himself" off an Arizona bridge onto I-40, and much more...

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Please view the documentary on GMO "hidden" contaminants:

Bayer was also cited in the Clinton ARK Prisoner Blood Sales Scandal:

A documentary, Factor 8, was suppressed about the Scandal:

BHO campaign money laundering indictments:

Watch SOPH:

twitter: @sewernugget

While S_PH is declared a "dangerous" Youtuber, the Amazing D_smond appears in videos with convicted killer, Mich_el Al_g:

Here is the movie that McCauley C_lkin and Seth Green starred in that glorified "Club Kidz" culture and murderer Mich_el Al_g:

Is__c K_ppy is dead:

Is__c K_ppy, who committed suicide monday, his last Instagram post:

The article by Neon Revolt last July outlining K_ppy's reports on 8Chan:

Please watch the just released documentary on "banned" individuals:
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