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WATER OF CHAMPIONS - Kangen Water Movie: Full In Home Demo, Class by Timothy McGaffin II
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Timothy and Cheri McGaffin
Published 7 months ago |
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"Water Of Champions" Bookmarks:
1:20 Introduction
2:40 Brief History - Cheri 8 Months Pregnant
3:57 Antioxidant (H2)
11:08 Splitting H2O Molecule
14:29 Good Alkaline (pH)
22:06 Healthy Electrolytes (Light Bulb Test)
25:49 Micro-Clustering (Hydration + Detox + Nutrition) Tea Test
32:26 Cleaning Food
37:55 100+ Different Uses
42:39 Hypochlorous Acid - Salt Solution
43:13 Beware of Counterfeits/Imitations (WQA Gold Seal Certification)
43:54 Get back to whoever invited you to watch this video.
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