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TvNI = Truth vs. NEW$ INC. Venezuela - Russian Hoax, Feb 11, 2nd Hour.


Donald Grahn / Truth vs. NEW$

Published: 2 months ago

Another power-packed program.
2nd hour topics: A.I. (artifical intelligence), Russian Hoax, BREXIT, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, Infanticide, Black Face, Booker, Cortes, Conspiracy Theories.
Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. is a weekly public access TV - News-magazine show that gives you hard-hitting Truths vs. the corporate MEDIA'$ $pin on important topics. This is Your Wake-Up Call!
I, Donald T. Grahn, am your mad-as-Hell Host, producer, & tech director with vital updates & Video clips.


a.i. (artifical intelligence), afghanistan, black face, booker, brexit, conspiracy theories, cortes, infanticide, israel, palestine, russian hoax, scott bennett, truth vs. news donald grahn, tvni truth vs. new$, venezuela

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