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Zaporozhye Front - Evacuation of Crippled AFU Soldiers after the Battle
Published 5 months ago

Zaporozhye Front: evacuation of crippled AFU soldiers after the battle. 

Video was posted late last night, July 14, 2023

Also adding this about a NY Times article:

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are forced to change tactics due to significant losses.

According to the New York Times (,

during the first two weeks of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, 20% of the weapons sent into battle were destroyed.

Reporters indicate that the 47th brigade of the AFU, which received 99 American Bradley BMPs, has already lost 28 vehicles.

One of the Ukrainian soldiers who participated in the breakout attempt stated that all the equipment provided to his unit was destroyed.

"They were all destroyed," said the soldier.

Now, the NYT notes that the Ukrainian command is attempting to change tactics by focusing on artillery and missile strikes.

However, according to the article, such a strategy will not allow the AFU to break through the Russian defense, casting doubt on the prospects of the entire counteroffensive.

If NYT's is saying this, then the losses must be much more.


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