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U.S. Soldier Says She Will Shoot AMERICANS If Martial Law Is Declared Aug 27, 2021
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This is what happens when a person is so devoid of critical thinking, they will even KILL THEIR OWN COUNTRYMEN if the right person tells them to.

She's talking to the very people who paid for the uniform she is wearing, equipment she carries, the training she uses, the housing she lives in and the food she eats. The same people who pay her salary.

In her words "If martial law is declared and YOU don't go in your house when I tell you to, YOU become the enemy."

This person swore an oath to "defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic" and yet she declares blatantly that WE become the enemy if WE don't do as she says.

We . . . . the very people who make her existence possible.

There's no saving people like this. They are beyond reform or repair. If they come by force, they simply have to be engaged and defeated. No mercy. Shown no quarter.

No emotion. No negotiating. No feelings. Just defeated. And don't think another thing about it.

The fact a uniformed member of the military is even saying things like this publicly, tells me what's coming, is gonna be very, VERY, ugly. Far worse than most of us ever imagined.
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