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Inside The Massive Ancient Megalithic Complex of Baalbek 2019
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Published a year ago

The massive ancient megalithic complex of Baalbek consisted of three temples dedicated to the worship of Venus, Bacchus, and Jupiter.

Here are a few quick facts about Baalbek:

-The walls are built with 24 stones, each weighing approximately 300 tons.

-The largest retaining wall consists of 3 stones, each weighing approximately 1,000 tons.

-The stone of the pregnant woman weighs an estimated 1,0200 tons.

-The largest stone weighs approximately 1,600 tons and is still in the Quarry of Baalbek.

This structure is massive, to say the least. The prevailing theory is that Roman cranes were used to build Baalbek, but that also does not appear to be very logical. The current estimation is that each Roman crane could lift about 7.5 tons.

Baalbek exceeds the technology that was available at the time, but we are expected to believe that ancient man built this monument with primitive cranes and pulleys.

This clip is from the ancient Baalbek Temples, shot in April 2019 by Brien Foster.

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