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My Get Home Bag 2023 | Survival Prepper
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Having a get home bag in your car is essential for emergency preparedness. In unforeseen situations like car breakdowns or natural disasters, this well-equipped bag can provide you with the necessary supplies, such as food, water, first aid items, and tools, to ensure your safety and comfort until you reach home or find help. It serves as a valuable contingency plan, offering peace of mind and practical assistance during unexpected and potentially challenging circumstances.

ūüí• Items from the video:
- Arrowhead 20 Liter Backpack
- Water Bottle Sleeve
- ETA Water Bottle Filter
- Single Wall Stainless Steel Water Bottle
- Water Purification Tablets
- Camping Spoon
- Poly Braid Trap Line
- Ozark Trails Fixed Blade Knife
- UV5R Radio
- Flex Tape Antenna
- Headlamp
- Chem-lights
- 3M Safety Glasses
- Compass
- Write in the Rain Pad
- Sillcock Key
- Mini Duct Tape
- Gerber Prybrid X
- Mini Multi-tool
- Camp Towel
- Esbit Cubes
- Respirator
- Sit pad
- Pathfinder Bivvy
- Clothing Bag

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