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"PREPARE FOR THE 144,000" - The Elite Servants Of YAH
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Published 5 months ago |
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Welcome to The Master's Voice End Times Prophecy Blog: (Hear the words of the Lord).

Here is the transcript of the message I received today:

"Tell them that the 144,00 are coming out. The 144,000 are a special tribe unto God. They are the Lord's chosen, they are the Lord's elite. They are chosen ONLY from Israel, no other people or nation may ascribe to this calling except My people Israel. No other nation or people may claim this calling except my people Israel. The 144,000 have special giftings, powers, abilities that are comparable to, if not greater than, all the sons of satan. They are my elite and I have elected them out of the virgin Bride of Christ, to bear My name, to wear My mark, to be my people. No one else will walk in the power, wisdom, might or knowledge of the 144,000. They have special powers; they will do what nobody has seen before. It is them who will fight the creatures; it is them who will handle the Nephilim. Prepare the way, says the Lord, for the 144,000."

The Survivors:


Revelation 7 (not 17) and 14 are the chapters that deal with a people who are not greatly mentioned in scripture- God's chosen 'tribe', called by their ranks out of the 12 tribes of Israel- the 144,000 end times servants of YAH.

I have not been told to say anything about these people until now. Information about them is in one post on The Master's Voice (link below)- I saw them resisting and defeating the Nephilim who arose on earth.

The Survivors:

God says He is about to raise up the 144,000 and expose them to the world. "The time has come to bring them into their purpose and show people who they are. I will bring them into public view." says the Lord.

WHO ARE THE 144,000? These are end-time servants of the Lord Jesus Christ that follow a STRICT SCHEDULE OF ADHERENCE TO HIS NAME AND HIS WORD. They come from all walks of life- no determination by age, background or birth or class, i.e. it doesn't matter what they look or sound like, according to the choices of men, whether they come from money or hardship, high education or not. None of the things people pay attention to is how God called them, they are ranked in the Spirit and only God decides who they are. They are bondservants to the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, and only members of the tribes of Israel can be called. They are the Lord's choice.

They are of two genders, male and female, and are virgins in that they are not contaminated with ANY OF THE CHURCH TEACHING THAT MAKE PEOPLE WHORES TO DOCTRINES OF THE BEAST. (That is a direct quote). The Beast is a whoremonger, full of sin. Mystery Babylon and all who are contaminated with her doctrines are following whore's doctrines and the work of devils, this is not in the 144,000 who are apart from these things. They are Pure as God has said, absolutely free of the nonsense that throttles the traditional church. They follow Christ wherever He goes, meaning they are led by the wind of the Spirit of God and nothing else. Nothing is beneath them to do for the name of the Lord, nothing is too low or too hard to accomplish as He directs, just as He did with Paul. Whatever Christ said Paul did, so are these- obedient to a fault- which is why the number is very small. That is all I will say.

The mark on them is a white mark. It looks like someone marked their heads with soft dusk chalk, rubbing it into the forehead; it lights up depending on passion, their focus when speaking of the Lord, and their mood. It also lights up whenever God is near them, when His presence comes on them (even when they are not aware of it), the mark lights up. Other people can see it- the mark is not hidden- it will be right there for all to see. It is God's seal of election so that nothing can be done against that person, they are the elect of God.

They will see death a lot in the end times but will not taste it, death will be all around them but not unto them. Many will be carried home to the Lord (by death) and the 144,000 will be stewards among the remnant bride of Christ.
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