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Are You Unclear on Your Life Purpose? Try Taking an Oath
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Published 2 years ago
In this episode I want to explore some of the themes in the novel Helio Tropez, One concept is the notion of ‘taking an oath to your life purpose’. It’s the idea that we come into this life with an agreed upon life purpose, that we often forget about after we are born.

The trick is to go deep inside to remember it again, even if just getting a feeling for it, without knowing the specifics. Some people remember it more easily than others, some are more committed to it than others. Making an oath can unlock more clarity. And while staying committed can be hard at times, the oath keeps you on track. So in this episode we will explore going from not truly committed, using a consciousness technology known as an Oath to the true self.

Topics Covered:
02:50 – Two examples of people who went from not committed to committed
09:30 - How to use a ‘consciousness technology’ like oath taking
14:50 - The energetics of vows, contracts and offices
16:55 - Two examples of oaths that can magnetize the magic of being committed


MindStory Inner Coach Book [Free non fiction book] The 5-Step AVARA Model to help you get clarity on and commit to your life purpose

Helio Tropez [Novel on Amazon]
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