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Synthetic Biology and Artificial Intelligence - What Do We Know And What Are The Spiritual Implications?
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Published 4 months ago |

Musk: ‘With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon.’

The evolution of science is progressing at an extraordinary speed. This is just considering what little information is available in the published literature. Military and intelligence operations have a vast amount of knowledge and scientific innovation at their disposal, that most of the public is not aware of. In the era of the C19 PSYOP Plandemic, humanity is becoming aware of how such psychological, biological, technological weaponized inventions are being deployed against humanity by the military industrial pharmaceutical complex.

Hence, it is almost incomprehensible for the majority of scientific scholars trained in one specialized area of expertise to consider vast information outside of their learned framework. Few human beings are “generalists”, people who understand many different fields and have enough knowledge to comprehend problems from multiple perspectives and dimensions, across many vistas of expertise. This makes this current battlefield very complex, for many are convinced that their viewpoint is correct. And they are right, it is, for the personal knowledge base they have. We are billions of unique people with just as many understandings, beliefs, thoughts, educations, and individual circumstances. And yet we are heading towards a joint future as a species - or maybe multiple futures of two species - humans and transhumans.

While science is evolving rapidly, general education and knowledge of the population is decreasing due to propagandized controlled education system. More worrisome, spiritual maturity and wisdom is not evolving fast enough. Hence humanity is facing a world war, that most are unprepared for in the complexity of all components and ramifications for the survival of the human species on a physical and spiritual level.

Why would Elon Musk, the proponent of Neuralink, warn about Artificial Intelligence and use the wording of “summoning a demon”? In his video’s, he foresees two scenarios. One is that AI evolves independently of humans, which could be very dangerous in his view. Because AI is self learning and can increase in its knowledge exponentially, it can rapidly evolve to a point where it may become so superior that it chooses to destroy humans - who are inferior to its intelligence. AI has no feelings and no conscience, so the destruction of species and planets is simply a probability factor.

Musk proposes a merger with AI as an escape of inevitable annihilation - in which “voluntary” human AI interface would allow some humans to exponentially evolve symbiotically with AI. Not clear what happens to the rest of those who choose not be augmented in that scenario. And there may be a chance, that this has a benign outcome for humans in his view. Maybe. This is the WEF Transhumanist version 2.0. Weather or not Elon Musk and Yuval Harrari have different ideas can be debated. I would certainly be aware of its demonic possession potential, that has been much discussed. The analogy is this - a demonic possession or a malignant thought form - would make you do something that you would not choose to do, because your soul conscience and free will would warn you against it. As we will see below, if your brain can be hacked externally and connected to other peoples thoughts, your soul conscience does no longer have a say in the matter. Humans become externally controlled automatons that get manipulated by a hive mind. If the operator of that hive mind happens to hate God, life and all of creation, the divine human species is at its extinction point. Here are some further discussions of the Transhumanist commentary by Yuval Harrari pertaining to the soul and spirit being a “thing of the past” - in his view.


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