Break Down of COVID and 5G Connection - Orlean Koehle
174 views • 06/05/2022
Orlean Koehle shares a wealth of knowledge on COVID19 and 5G and how the new networks are needed to fully implement complete control over humanity worldwide.

Orlean explains how in July 2019 millions of Chinese were given a mandatory shot and then on November 1, 2019 10,000 5G towers were activated in Wuhan, China exposing millions of people to deadly radiation. Hundreds of videos surfaced showing people dying of asphyxiation within minutes because they could not get any oxygen.

Now that the USA has so many more 5G antennas in place and 5G satellites up above, it will be very hard to escape the powerful EMF direct energy rays, which will especially affect those who have received the COVID jab. Will we see a horrific repeat of what happened to millions of Chinese in 2019?

1.How smart meters played a role in the terrible Santa Rosa and Paradise fires in California
2.How the pandemic was carefully and craftily planned out years ago
3.The j@b and particular COVID testing kits are implanted Nanobots in humans
4.How the 5G network and the COVID j@b are used conjunctively to collect data on the human race and much worse
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