The Dynamics of Gender and Life, Video 1: What about the penguins?
14 views • 04/18/2023

Introductory video, provides a framework for greater understanding of the dynamics of gender and life, based on root quantum principles.

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The central concept within the ebook “The Dynamics of Gender and Life” is the universe as a self-organising system (SOS) wherein everything and everyone is engaged in an ongoing, dynamic, cyclical, interactive dance between unity and individuality, feminine and masculine, wave and particle, togetherness and separateness, Yin and Yang, possibility and actuality.

The exploration of this interactive dynamic yields valuable and useful insights into creativity, identity politics, personality structure, belief-systems, intuition, gender, spirituality, neuroplasticity, peak-states, health, well-being and more ...

Some reviews

"I liked (Stephen's) generalized summaries of what it all meant as I went along, e.g., 'We, and each part within creation, are. . . an active pivot-point, a door-way, an active, creative portal through which the creative potential and power of the quantum vacuum, the implicate order, the ground of being, flows and creates. We are the delivery vehicles and directors of where and how that energy is congealed into actuality.' Beautifully expressed.

These occasional "boosts" in his explication keeps the reader in touch with the overall context of what he is saying and sustains an emotional connection with the content.

All in all, a wonderful piece of work, which I earnestly hope will reach a vast multitude of readers."

Professor Emeritus Frank Juszczyk
Western New Mexico University

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