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Darwinian Evolution Prostitute of the Elite - Junk Science Series S1E5
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Published 2 years ago
WARNING: This video series contains SHOCKING content. These options are not our opinions--they are the actual SHOCKING quotes of the scientists involved.

Darwinian Evolution is Junk Science. This episode is entitled: Darwinian Evolution Evil Relic of Elitist Folly by Eliyahu ben David

We've all heard of the elite, or at least the word elite. We have some kind of idea who these elite are too. They're rich, powerful, and of course superior to all of us.

Okay, not that last part. But that's what they believe about themselves and what they'd like us to believe. It's only natural to think so if you believe in social Darwinism, stemming from Darwinian evolutionist thinking. What does this 'science' have to do with the elite though?

Let's say you were an elitist:

If taking over other civilizations to steal, use, and lord over them is something you, as an evil elitist, would like to do, you need a reason for the sake of that pesky animal residue called 'morals'; and what better way to justify all of this than Darwinian evolution? Survival of the fittest at it's finest! Now go take that land - because according to survival of the fittest, you deserve it.

How great is that? It's not. It's awful. Shame on you!

Okay, no more hypothetical situations. The point is, Darwin's theory, even Darwin himself, and many scientists, are just tools the elite use to support their amoral deeds. Who do you think pays these 'scientist' after all...?

...Why are you still reading about it? Watch the video!

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