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Al Sharpton and Benjamin Crump: Two 33rd Degree Prince Hall Lodge Freemason Handlers Behind the George Floyd and Black Lives Matter Psyop
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Published 7 months ago |
I originally posted this on September 7, 2020 on one of my (now) terminated YouTube Channels and I feel that it is appropriate to re-post it today, just to let you know the 'Big Picture' also includes Black Freemason 'Brothers.'

We learned from the Vatican that - unfortunately 32 Jesuit Priests - have passed away since the COVID 19 Pandemic hit. Then we learn that several of these 'Black Lives Matters' leaders are actually the ones controlling the press and the lawsuits behind all these Black folks getting taking out by the Blue Line. I was not aware that so many of these Black celebrities, politicians and athletes were members of the various Black Masonic Lodges across the United states. now I know and that explains so much more as to why we are seeing the likes of Ambulance chasing lawyer Benjamin Crump, the Reverend Al Sharpton and his colleague Jesse Jackson attached to these Black Lives Lost events.

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