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11/28/2022 -- Mauna Loa in Hawaii has erupted -- Biggest Shield volcano on planet
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Alex Hammer
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Published a year ago

Thermal satellite view! WOW !

Nov 27 into 28, 2022

This is the first eruption of Mauna Loa since 1984 . Currently the lava is filling the caldera surface.

Links above go directly to the USGS webcams for the location, current view is from the NW rim looking SE across the caldera.

Clearly the caldera has split open, with a large fissure of lava and fountains going on for about a MILE across the center of the top of the volcano. This is a quote "big deal" indeed.

There is no way for me to know which way the lava is going to flow currently (except to know it will follow a path of least resistance, and gravity downwards whichever way is easiest for it to flow.


Update 808am Central US time 11/28/2022: ALERT... pictures and video of lava coming out the top or the side of Mauna Loa just posted about 15 min ago on twitter from people nearby the eruption.




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