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Eric Dubay: The 'Lost' Legends of Atlantis! [17.06.2022]
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Kim Osbøl - Copenhagen Denmark
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The Noah flood myth from the Bible was also attributed to Zisudra and Atrahasis in Sumerian/Mesopotamian culture. In Aztec mythology only Coxcoxtli and his wife Xochiquetzal were forewarned of the flood by God and survived by building a huge boat. They wandered for 104 years before landing in “Antlan.”

The Mechoacanesecs of Central America say Tezpi built a large boat, loaded it with animals, grains, seeds, and escaped the flood with his wife and children.

The Maya say “the great mother and great father” survived and repopulated the world after the flood. The Chickasaw native Americans say only one family and two animals of every kind were saved from the flood.

The same basic story is found in almost 600 cultures around the world, but the claims are quite difficult to swallow. Is the flood just a story, a myth with metaphorical meaning, or a literal account of worldwide flooding?

The following presentation "Lost Legends of Atlantis" was taken from a chapter in my book "The Atlantean Conspiracy" available here:


“Those (Morons) Who Do Not Learn From History Are Doomed To Repeat It.” - George Santayana

The official version of human history is a construct of lies. We are in a state of collective amnesia. Let's free ourselves from the artificial matrix that has been imposed on us.

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