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The Great Reset Is Coming For Your Food
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For The Love of Truth
Published 10 months ago |
If anyone has the link to the first video post it in the comments section and I'll add it to the commentary.

@2m43s... Ice Age Farmer. The world is running out of Soybeans, the biggest commercially grown crop on the planet.

@4m07s... Spiro Skouras talks about the globalist digital ID cards that are being ushered in during the fake COVID plandemic. Your digital passport, digital birth registry(for the CQV Bonds) and UN digital Blockchain wallets will be linked to global food 'initiatives' and the 5G Smart Cities program.

[email protected] The Ice Age Farmer again - this time warning us about CyberAttacks and how they could stop food distribution dead in its tracks. This is going to be a biggie if it happens.

@20m21s... Dave at Adapt2030 continues the food emergency theme with a report on the WTO. A primer on how global multi-national companies intend to control and monopolise seed production. Rewriting the food growers rulebook. International 'Barcode Of Life Bioscan' and the new digital societies - the DNA sequencing of every species on the planet. Patenting confers ownership - watch out for the new DNA altering vaccines!
Banned video from David Knight - UK cops run amok and an important quote from The Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Thanks to The Ice Age Farmer channel...

Spiro Skouras channel...

David Knight show...

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