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HUMAN ORGAN HARVESTING IN CHINA with Guest, Mitchell Nicholas Gerber - Falun Gong is Good - 100th Year Anniversary of the Evil, Bad CCP - Steven D Kelley
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Published 4 months ago |
Guest: Mitchell Nicholas Gerber
The Steven D Kelley show, July 1-2021
Falun Gong, what is it, and why are they being persecuted, and why are we allowing this to happen?

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I'm Cynthia and have started this channel to share Steven D Kelley's 100's of old and new Truth Cat Radio Shows, and other past radio programs that he was a part of in the past. Also to promote Steven's content, research, knowledge, and mission. Steven D Kelley's mission and main focus is The Getty. To rid the world of the Enemy, which will lead to many things to benefit everyone and will free the child sex slaves in underground bunkers.. #OccupyTheGetty. Steven is always looking for more dedicated people that would like to become psychic remote viewer warriors to join in the astral fight in the 4D. To receive information on how to become a Jedi remote viewer warrior or for a free remote healing, you may email Steven at, [email protected]

Steven D Kelley is the owner, creator, and show host on Truth Cat Radio, at Please visit where he can be listened to LIVE every Thursday night at 9:00 pm EST, 6:00 pm PST or enjoy the pre-taped loop that plays a past show. Go to Steven D Kelley's YouTube channel, to view all of Steven's new and past shows. - Truth is a precious thing that should never be censored, shadow banned, or sold. Please comment on this video as if it was a right that you are about to lose. Share it everywhere you can. Steven encourages every listener to copy, download, and re-distribute his content. Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

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If you are not familiar with Steven D Kelley, here is some bio information. He is an; ex CIA/NSA contractor, whistle blower, optics engineer, laser pioneer and inventor, truth activist, reiki master, spiritual healer, psychic and remote viewer. Steven D Kelley is the owner, creator, and show host on Truth Cat Radio, at Steven has been a presence on radio formats since his days on Revolution Radio several years ago, where he grew a huge base following of a million listeners to his channel, which the station had never had before. After leaving Revolution Radio, he was on American Freedom Radio, then in 2016, Steven created Truth Cat Radio. In the past Steven has also given seminars, lectures and has presented geopolitical commentaries on Press TV and RT regularly, as an independent analyst, researcher and journalist. Press TV was removed by the US Government, under Biden, on June 23, 2020, along with 22 other world news networks that did not follow the MSM and US views. Steven was the creator and admin for the first and one of the largest FaceBook Q-anon groups that started on January 2, 2018 near the beginning of the 'Q' phenomenon, with the great group name, Q-anon, then it all ended when FaceBook removed everything related to 'Q' after it was called a terrorist hate group and all groups were removed on October 6, 2020. Steven's group was different than others, after he discovered in March 2019 that 'Q' was a psyop. Steven can now be found on Telegram at the site called OccupyTheGetty,, where Steven focuses mostly on his mission.

If you would like to know Steven's story, it is available for a few dollars on Amazon and it would help the cause. There the second edition book is called, "Cities Under the Plain". But you may listen free to the audiobook reading of the same fascinating 1st edition autobiography called, "Lasers, Caver's and Magic", it can be found on YouTube at,;;;t=2021s&ab_channel=Lasers%2CCavers%26Magic - To read the free pdf version of his book or to listen to, "Lasers, Caver's & Magic," you may go to this page from TruthCatRadio, at

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