Support Your Freedom to Speak:
Published 2 years ago

There are two sides to this argument, however one side is completely in the right and one side is completely in the wrong. This is not a subject of grey areas, it is simply black and white. Both sides know this, but one side refuses to concede to reality. They want to be right so bad that have abandoned the world of the real and have embraced the tantrums of a spoiled 6 year old not wanting to substitute her candy for vegetables. “But vegetables are better for you”, you could say, and their response will always be, “I don’t want vegetables so give me what I want right now!” They are unable to support their arguments rationally so they repeat lies over and over in hopes that repetition will produce victory. And what is it that they hope to win? The ability to mass murder out of convenience. And who do they wish to target? The most innocent and defenseless of our species. If this sounds absurdly evil, it is because it is, but not only do they advocate for it, they have the stones to claim it as a right.



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