Here's How All The Retail SILVER Disappears | Andy Schectman
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The retail precious metal industry right now has low premiums and high inventory. However, this could change on a dime. Amid dedollarization, the US debt crisis, and geopolitical turmoil, retail demand could increase with little notice. Only $1 billion could wipe out the entire inventory of all precious metal dealers, says Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin Precious Metals.


You are invited to read or download The Great Taking, a book written about the scheme of central bankers to subjugate humanity by taking all securities, bank deposits, and property financed with debt.

To Read The Great Taking, click on this link: 

To download The Great Taking (pdf): 



0:00 Intro

1:33 Precious metal IRA

14:48 Precious metal inventory

27:25 Dollar update

35:00 Weekly specials



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