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Parents' Bill of Rights Coming To Your State and Federal Government
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Hamner It Out
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Published a year ago
Friends, what is about to be said will offend many. Because of the total ignorance of the American people regarding the Constitution for the united States of America and their respective State Constitutions, your rights are being “codified” to be enumerated and limited. What’s worse is it is being done with your approval and applause. You have been tricked using the Hegelian dialectic and most are actually requesting this to be done. What are they using to do this? It is through education.
In this episode of “Hamner It Out”, you will be shown what has been and is being done to rob you of unalienable God-given rights, particularly as parents. This is not new. In fact, it has been in the process for quite some time. And, you are being “groomed” for something more nefarious. The Liberty Belles, with co-host Lynne Taylor, will cover this additional nefarious action on April 2, 2022, “Saturday Night Special”, in which you can be a participant to ask questions. But for now, understand what has happened at the federal level and at some State levels to define and codify your rights.

Stay Vigilant. Do your own research! Catch you on the flip side!

Sources: - use the “donate” button at the top to purchase your ticket for The Liberty Belles Saturday Night Special, April 2, 2022. Use code “LB SC 42” with your email address. Deadline for purchase 3/31/2022. Cost is $5.00.

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