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Alex Jones (2011) Exposes Eugenicist Bill Gates and his Vaccination Agenda
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Published 2 years ago |
The American Patriot Alex Jones exposes the Eugenicist vaccination-pushing chicken neck BASTARD Bill Gates for what he is. With an OBSESSION for depopulation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have killed hundreds of thousands (possibly MILLIONS) in the Third World with their Polio and other laced vaccines. The Gates Foundation presently in 2020 bribes top political officials and heads of state to direct policy response to COVID, including lockdowns and is heavily involved in the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing vaccines. Their foundation in the past has financed some of the following notable organisations and individuals dictating and shaping policy through grants, including:

Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics S.r.l. - $1,425,926 USD (Vaccines)
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine - $40,000,000 USD (Propaganda, Vaccines)
World Health Organisation (WHO) - $10,000,000 USD (Propaganda, policy)
CDC Foundation - $2,199, 500 USD (Propaganda, policy) Foundation - $4,745,619 USD (Controlled opposition)
United Nations Foundation - $25,101,198 USD (Propaganda, policy)
BBC World Service - $20,000,000 USD (Propaganda)
The Daily Telegraph Newspaper - $3,446,801 USD (Propaganda)
NBC Universal Media - $1,340,000 USD (Propaganda)
Al Jazeera Media Network - $1,000,000 USD (Propaganda)
Tony Blair Institute for Global Change - $3,472,939 USD (Political favours, propaganda)
Clintons Health Access Initiative $4,164,598 USD (Politicial favours, propaganda)
Save the Children UK - $20,146,358 USD (Philanthropic propaganda)
AstraZeneca - $750,000,000 USD (Vaccines)
Unicef HQ - $19,819,745 USD (Philanthropic Propaganda)
Serum Institute - $150,000,000 USD (Vaccines)
IPSOS Mori UK - $1,187,089 USD (Propaganda, policy)
Population Council, Inc - $5,309,787 USD (Policy - depopulation a 'conspiracy theory' now?)
Financial Times Newspaper - $1,344,444 USD (Propaganda)
The Guardian Newspaper - $175,000 USD (Propaganda)
Moderna - $20,000,000 USD (Vaccines)
World Health Organisation $1,500,000 USD (Propaganda)
GAVI Alliance (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation) - $3,152,000 USD (Vaccines)
Dynavax Technologies Corp - $3,391,439 USD (Vaccines)
University of Oxford - $19,807,808 USD (Policy, propaganda)

There are so many other institutions far beyond the scope of this description. For more list, see the list on their website:;;page=2

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also have financed board members of SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) which advises the UK Government on their entire policy concerning COVID. With all of these in their pocket, consider this when you see an individual or institution pushing vaccinations, or are wondering why Gates is getting so much air time and being interviewed without any challenging questions or critique of his stance on vaccination.
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