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They Are Not Expecting This To Go Away! | Maryam Henein On Coronavirus
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Published 3 months ago |
Note: I'm Not A Statist. The Gov Gains More Control (Even If It's Little By Little) By Each Crisis, Dependency & Obligation Created.
Hear Out All Sides. People ARE Dying. Immune Systems MUST Be Built In Today's Society. Look At The Inevitable Effect, Watch My Other Videos! My Original Report On COVID Compared This To Other Viruses, Therefore I Initially Gave Off The Idea That I Believe This Is Very Real. However, I Am Not To Be Divided Or Torn. You Have Ick3, Gr3enM3dInfo, Some Doctors & HlghImp4ctflix On One End, You Have Mlke Ad4ms & More Doctors On The Other. Consensus Is On The Effect & Innate Truths; Immunlty, Lifestyl3, Collaps3, Econ0my.
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