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Cory - Nature Is The Answer
Published 7 months ago |
Can you really listen to yourself if you have many materialistic doings, consumerism, attachments and desires? If you have religions, may it be money, organized religion, science, government all acting as the middle-men between you and nature (god/creation/creator/natural law)?
Listening to yourself means to be present, sense the natural simplicity. More of this is similarly explored in my book Sapientia Naturae.
Note On Natural Law: In case you feel like you are maybe parroting another, worry not, as it is sort of natural, if the word usage is so finite as it is, especially for topics such as Natural Law. Mark Passio words things very particularly, I use his slides and word language very often, but as time moves on, I develop my own style, as it would be natural to do so as a fellow teacher and more-advanced learner of this knowledge, whilst observing many teachers. Many texts like The Kybalion even spoke of natural law without the same exact terminology, its totally fine using similar tactics at first to what sparks interest originally; but as you meet people and learn more, you shall seek opportunity to deliver perspective. The knowledge is what counts, not the words. I merely encourage individuals still search for their own place, I never want people getting stuck. This is accountability at best.
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