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Fertilizer Shortage - How To Solve The Problem
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Published 2 years ago
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Every problem has a solution.

Right now, the two biggest problems in the farming industry, as many farmers are finding out, is the availability of conventional fertilizer and the prices of fertilizer and other inputs such as herbicides.

What is your game plan for this growing season? Sitting back and hoping and praying everything goes away is not a plan?

Many people, including myself, think its only going to get worse before it gets better.

Are you going to put no fertilizer out and hope you have enough “build up” from previous years to get through this season? Are you going to fertilizer only 50% or so because that is all that many people are being told that they may be able to get?

How long are these two problems going to last? Nothing says it will only be for this season. It could go on for several years. How are you going to play this game?

We at Natures Formula, can help solve these problems and do it, for a fraction of the price! You don’t have to just get by or just survive this growing season. You can thrive this coming season!

Go to our website and research us. Find out who we are, what we do, and watch our videos to hear from other farmers who are already solving these problems.

After researching us, contact us to schedule a sit down meeting with us. We will come to you, this winter in your off time to sit down and answer any question you may have and to help you get a game plan put together for this growing season to solve these two major problems.

We are excited about this up coming growing season after what we have seen and accomplished this growing season. We want you be excited about this upcoming growing season as well!
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