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Dutchsinse (9/9/2020): NIGHT 1: California Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) -- Color enhanced view
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Published 4 years ago
Last night people said they could not see the beam. This is a short 45 second long video... thanks to animattronic ... we now have an easy to see enhanced color view of the energy beam emitted from over Oregon (likely from a satellite in space in my opinion) ... the beam going from Oregon into California last night September 8, 2020 directly into a fire.

Notice the fire gets excited wherever the beam moves..

The beam has been detected again going to a different location and different fire. This time coming from above the ocean (likely in space) and beaming down into a fire in Oregon. Link to see that current live view here:

Live view here:;checked=map&colorbar=undefined

And view the beam destination here:;checked=map&colorbar=undefined

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