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CDC NIH coverup. Ukraine Is Beginning Only; Accountability. BRICS, Truckers -pt 1/3
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Published 4 months ago |
2 27 22 CDC NIH The Ukraine Is Only The Beginning They Know We Know So How Far Will They Go To Avert From Being Held Accountable What do you need to know about the Ukraine BRICS and U.S.A. Trucker Convoy ...
in 3 parts.

Extra warning to the carnival barkers shilling BS. Guard your thinking!
Nothing you are seeing or being told from the government, the media, or from all the misinformation social media shows may be accurate. What SSN will do is present you with little known facts from the actual sources, and then present all of you with some possible scenarios for you to consider.

Each clip of actual footage will appear to pertain to different issues, but when you view them all together you may be able to see that there is something much more serious taking place on a larger scale that the human race must demand answers, and accountability to correct ASAP.

Start with a German public news station
What is Biden doing?
Stopping Investigations into Communist China
Interview w/ Ron Johnson
Kash Patel on Biden leaking intel to Communist China
Potential Cyber Attacks to U.S. and Grid.
Russians won’t be able to go through Ukraine like a knife through Butter DW TV Germany

Ukraine Parliament member: we will fight.
Need a no-fly zone

(For Reference already in video I made)
Today from a German public news service, Germany takes a new view on the matters - Russian troops meet with stiff resistance, Ukrainian forces retake Kharkiv | DW News

Full references in comments or on Straight Shooting News group in
References: (in part)

Ukraine: What happened in Kiev's Maidan square?: Feb 12, 2015 Sniper claims he shot at the legs
The Fight for Ukraine: Last Days of the Revolution: May 23, 2014 see how people were shot in the head, which contradicts BBC.

US Sec of State Mar 4, 2014 John Kerry offers aid to Ukraine during Tuesday visit
One Billion in Aid to Ukraine !
Russia was annexing Crimea

Play to 2:40: Russian Forces Officially Enter the Crimea Region of Ukraine Mar 2, 2014 Pro-Russia Protests, People calling Russians their Family

Ukraine election: Comedian Zelensky wins presidency by landslide Published 22 April 2019

Zelenskyy received 73.22% of the vote

Analysts believe Mr Zelensky's informal style and vow to clean up Ukrainian politics resonated with voters who are disillusioned with the country's path under Mr Poroshenko.
Eschewing traditional campaign tactics, Mr Zelensky channelled his on-screen persona by promising to stamp out corruption and loosen the grip of oligarchs on Ukraine.
Experts say his supporters, frustrated with establishment politicians and cronyism, have been energised by his charisma and anti-corruption message.
His critics, meanwhile, are sceptical about his credentials, with many expressing concern over his close links to the billionaire oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky.
They have expressed doubts that he will be able to take on the country's influential oligarchs and stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
FULL References here:;mc=aectm

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