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David “Nino” Rodriguez joins us on the podcast this week to talk a little more about his viral video where he discusses things like PedoGate, elite Hollywood pedophilia and even human trafficking. While Nino himself may not be entirely versed on the matter, he has hung around a few celebrities that are aware of it; it’s Hollywood. We talk about the angles surrounding why his video got so much attention and why people were clamoring to hear his message.

In times like these, everyone’s a little tense and anxious; uncertainty fills our days, followed by confusion and ultimately sadness. In David’s video, he speaks about these times in a particular way, mentioning that, before the better days arrive, we have to experience some hardships first. As dark as times may seem, things will get better and they are, it’s just not easy. Hearing that justice is being served to crooked pedophiles, in these strange days, offers a glimmer of hope.

In this special transmission, you’ll hear both David and myself speak on sobriety, breaking the cycle of dependency and also getting closer in our faiths due to the hardships we’ve faced. These themes and more are present in his book, When The Lights Go Out: From Survivor to Champion. Take it from an undefeated boxer, in times like these, all you have is your faith and your willpower to pull yourself together. While people may be in lockdown, they don’t have to lock themselves down.

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