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** EMERGENCY ALERT! ** - UN Extinction Level Event Underway Due to Human Shedding of mRNA Bioweapon – 20/Apr/2021
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Published 2 months ago |
** Contagious Vaccinosis - Chronic illness, discomfort, or malaise that result from immunization.
** Worst case scenario – Depopulation of the planet due to bioweapon attack on human reproductive systems.
** “The Next One will get our attention”. Bill Gates warned us about the next outbreak with a smirk on his face.
** Social Distancing and Quarantines will be required once public becomes aware.
** Shedding Woo – Extinction Level Event
- Conspiracy Daily Update, Clif High, 20/Apr/2021
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-- ETs are the least of our concerns, as it seems clear to Clif High that the MRNA vaccine is shaping up to be a mass-genocidal, Extinction Level Event. In this video, Clif echoes the warnings of Dr Vernon Coleman, that the vaccinated people will infect the unvaccinated people as they slough off their dead skin cells, which contain the MRNA contagion, thereby rendering everybody infertile or worse.
Clif says, “We’ve got this situation where people who are vaccinated are shedding cells, as we all do, continuously all day long; they’re shedding cells that have the vaccinated, pre-loaded MRNA in them. This vaccinated, pre-loaded MRNA is potentially a cause for this new reported phenomenon going around, which is women are having extremely rough periods; that menstruation has become very painful and debilitating and very suddenly.
“And prior to that, we had noticed that there was a huge rise in the statistical reporting of miscarriages across all of the Western world, where vaccines had been put out and where we had this mass-inoculation program going on. Miscarriages were just up 500% and 600% in just a little over a month and a half.
“Now, bear in mind that in 4 months, we’ve had a reported 3,000+ deaths and that equals all of the deaths for the last 13 years. So, we’re on the bad side of a trend, Guys. We do not, as humans have a good track record with vaccines. This trend is now starting to kick our ass, here, because we’re starting to show women that are having miscarriages who have NOT been vaccinated. And women that are having exceptionally difficult periods, to the point of debilitation. Even in older women, they’re saying that it is like nothing they’ve had in their entire history.
“So this is not a good sign. I was very much afraid that MRNA could be passed by kissing or by sex. We now know that that’s true, that’s happening. And now it looks like there’s MRNA passage is being done through contact with shed skin cells which have the MRNA within them – also, all the cells we respirate…
“So the desperation component is now going towards this push for infertility. So it looks like maybe the Powers That Be did, indeed have a giant depopulation agenda and if they did, then it would be fair to say, if that is conspiracy-fact, then it would be fair to say they’ve implemented it and there may be nothing we ca do about it, at this stage.
“There may be enough people inoculated with the vaccine that we’re now going to push infertility on most of the populace, due to the close contact of the vaccinated with the other unvaccinated and fertile people. We may, as a result of this have to alter our social order, to where the vaccinated people are put in some kind of coventry, where they’re excluded from contact with non-vaccinated; where they’re isolated and held back, so that the species can continue…
“It is highly probable that everyone who’s been vaccinated with the MRNA product is infertile. And if they’re not infertile, I would shudder to think as to what would be the outcome of their progeny, what that would look like. It’s that bad. The potential for this is quite severe.
“All we have is discovery. We’re continuing to discover new clusters of effects from this MRNA product, which is not a vaccine, which should be halted immediately and everybody that’s ever been involved with it, rounded up somewhere where we can just hold them for a while, while we sort this out to decide what we’re going to do with them. Because it may truly be a crime against humanity. The MRNA vaccination, if it is as bad as it appears at this stage may have doomed the entire species to infertility and we’ll expire as a species when the last human on Earth now dies. It could be that horrific. We just don’t know…
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