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Security Guard Tries To Pick A Fight With Kevin J Johnston AFTER He Leaves The Store!
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Published 3 years ago
In Canada Security guards have no authority and kind of aside from to observe and report. And they can ask you to follow policies of the building that they are watching over but they can't enforce them.

They cannot touch you, they cannot hit you, they cannot restrain you and after you tell them that the conversation is over they should not talk to you at all.

Let's call this guy what he is, a punk. This punk kid decided that he was going to look trouble. Use on the live INSTAGRAM purchash eggs, put my shopping cart back and then leave the store. As I'm walking out this young punk decides he wants to cause a problem and he wants to make demands that I have to leave the property utilizing the Harlem phrase of "keep walking" and "start walking."

Security guards need proper training. It needs to be explained to them that their job is not to escalate but to de-escalate and needs to be explained to them that if they behave in a fashion like this kid did, they are going to open themselves up to criminal charges and lawsuits.

Until this craziness that our government has deliberately brought to us is over, you're going to have to film everything that you do to protect yourself. Never mind them, protect you at all times.

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