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CBS Deleted This Video Today "Arming Ukraine" (70% of the Weapons Being Delivered to Zelensky Go to the Black Market)
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Published 10 months ago |

This video was going viral today after the Gateway Pundit brought it to the Internet's attention. The CBS documentary mentioned that 70% of the weapons being sent from the 'West' (insert Joe Biden's USA here) go missing once they are delivered to the transfer points. The video must have had a negative reaction in the Pentagon because it was pulled from CBS' website and their YouTube Channel.

CBS released a documentary titled “Arming Ukraine.”

The documentary looks into what has happened to the military weapons that have been given to Ukraine.

Arming Ukraine | CBS Reports (They have since taken it down).

CBS reported:

Flooding a country with advanced weapons can have grave consequences, even when done with the best of intentions. This CBS Reports documentary goes inside Ukraine to get a firsthand look at how military aid gets from the border to frontline soldiers, and explores the difficulties of getting the aid to the fighters who need it.

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"CBS News Exposes Ukraine Weapons Scam: “30% Maybe Reaches Its Final Destination”

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Gateway Pundit:

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