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ALERT! Women, Stay Away from the Vaccinated!
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Deception is Not True Consent
Published 12 days ago |
Nic Stinson, a Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree is warning all other women who HAVEN’T been vaccinated to stay away from other people who HAVE BEEN vaccinated as there are hundreds of women now coming forward suffering from excruciating periods as well as passing huge clots and bleeding up to twice a month, girls as young as 10 are getting their period and up to 2 times a month and women who have been through menopause bleeding again after receiving the jab or as a consequence of being near people who have received the jab. I, myself am experiencing these issues now too and I have most definitely not had the jab and never intend to - Shaz

Everyone please share this video to all the women you know and men, as it is being reported also that men’s sperm count is dropping, warn them and ask them to speak up if they are experiencing these changes since either having the jab or being near others who have had the jab as it needs to be exposed and brought to public attention – also to understand what this may possibly be view Vernon Cole’s video which explains how the vaccinated may become laboratories making the virus and become asymptomatic carriers.

Anyone who wants to find a wealth of information regarding this bullshit jab and the Covid19 hoax can do so at Nic Stinson’s website - also view other testimonials from other women which is being updated. Also view the Gene Code Experiment at and for further crimes against humanity view the rest of our video platform here at and share as widely as possible as Nic Stinson said, at some point, we all knew shit was going to get real!

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