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Will the ranks of “the mentally ill” who need “treatment” continue to grow?
Published a year ago
There is literally no significant problem of thinking, feeling, and/or behaving that is not listed, either directly, or by implication, in the DSM.
In the looking-glass world of psychiatry, practitioners are not prescribing major tranquilizers to control children’s behavior. Rather, they are “treating mental illnesses”, with medications that have been proven by highly questionable pharma research to be “effective and safe”. We have actually reached the position in our society where a physician who does not follow these practices could be held liable for failure to treat. And this is the problem. Every attempt to eliminate, or even reduce, this widespread and persistent practice, is doomed to failure as long as psychiatry’s spurious diagnoses are accepted as bona fide illnesses. Because if childhood misbehavior is an illness, then psychiatrists and other physicians are not using drugs to control behavior, rather they are “treating”, compassionately and effectively, these “disabling illnesses”.
Psychiatry, over the past five decades, has systematically and deceptively pursued a self-serving policy of medicalizing virtually every significant problem of thinking, feeling, and/or behaving. Their pharma allies have provided the money, and psychiatry has provided the credentials, in what is arguably the most widespread and destructive swindle in human history. And they have been enormously successful. Their spurious notions are widely accepted today as reality.
CCHR created the psychiatric drug side effects search engine to provide the public with easily understandable information on the documented risks of psychiatric drugs.
It is provided as a free public service by CCHR International:
Your search will yield a summary of the following three different sources of data on documented psychiatric drug risks:

1. International drug regulatory warnings.
2. Studies published in worldwide medical journals.
3. Adverse reaction reports filed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration between 2004-2012, by doctors, pharmacists, health care providers, attorneys and consumers.
Only by providing all the facts about the risks of psychiatric treatment can we possibly reduce the number of victims who unfortunately learn this truth through personal tragedy.
CCHR provides information that psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know.
By educating yourself with the facts about psychiatry, you will have the information you need to never become a victim of this vicious pseudo-science.

Report Adverse Reactions to Psychiatric Drugs

Report Psychiatric Abuse — It’s a Crime

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