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2024-2-10 CDS - chlorine dioxcide solution - homemade remedy for bioweapons
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Published 15 days ago

2024-2-10  CDS - chlorine dioxcide solution - homemade remedy for bioweapons

Here are the amounts I used in the video...

~sodium chlorite flakes in a 24% solution = 21ml flakes/in 70ml water

~citric acid in a 50% solution = 35ml citric acid/in 70ml water

I chose these solutions, because a tall jar of organic herbs from the grocery will hold 140ml of water safely. So, I split that into two solutions at 70ml each. Then I keep the percentages at their appropiate levels...24% for the sodium chlorite, and 50% for the citric acid. So, now you know the math on how I arrived at what I did. 

Dissolve into the hot water, and then pour the solutions together to create the reaction. The reaction will offgas, and you will trap that gas, which will settle down into the water, thereby giving a great way to administer this homemade remedy. It was used to treat malaria in africa, and malaria comes from mosquito's infected with HIV as a Gates and team satan avenue to kill you, while the modern vxx is weaponized HIV with gain of research used in order to infect the host, and to make that HIV aerosolized. This was known very early on, and then covered up quickly because they didn't want anyone to know about it. Then came the barrage of fake "saviors" pretending to help people, but leading them off course. Pine needle tea from white pines also works, but not as good as this I believe. This will oxygenate within your body and thereby be able to cleanse things regardless of whether your cells need this or that to uptake it; this goes through everything and purifies from within. There are so many stories of all the ailments that it has worked on if you can still find them. 

Anyhow, now you know how to do it for yourself. You can do it. Store it a fridge, or cold dark place in the basement. If you drink it and it makes you cough, it will burn your throat a little, so I suggest chasing it will something, hot coffee or tea works for me. If it is too strong, water it down a bit, but I would still make it this strong. You can test it if you like with ph test strips, but you will need the ones that go from 1ppm-2500ppm. Anything over 550ppm for 5 minutes is supposed to kill all their bioweapons. I gulp drinks of it full strength, and then follow it with a chaser, especially if I know I will be around people for any reason. You can't tell who is sick, or who isn't, and all these people have been infected with HIV, and now it spreads in the air, so everyone is screwed. I would buy a gas mask before the next go round, and stay away from everyone. But, if you can't, this can at least help. It is safe for pets too. I give it to my chickens sometimes. You might want to water it down a little for kids to 750ppm or so. Test it on yourself, and see what happens, how your body reacts. Sip test, and wait. See if there is something happens that is bad. I haven't read anything of anyone having negative effects though, but with all the meds people are on, and all the other sickness, and all the horrible things people eat, I say, just go slow and test it, and then work up. Go for awhile duration, and then back off a few days, just like you would do with any other detox. Praise God.  

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