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One Voice w Rich Meyers Ep 114 - Urgent Patriot Election Fraud Alert - Avoid Blue Apocalyspe 2020


One Voice with Rich Meyers

Published: 5 months ago

It's time to take the gloves off and fight back on growing #ElectionFraud that successfully took US House and created #BlueWave2018 from a real #RedWave. We can avoid 2020 #BlueApocalypse.



andrew gillum, attorney general, ben nelson, bernie sanders, beto, california, debbie wasserman schultz, election fraud, electronic voting, fbi, florida, fox news, hillary clinton, illegal immigrant, immigration, impeachment, kirsten sinema, matthew whitaker, ocasio cortez, president trump, robert mueller, russia, stacey abrams, us house, us senate, voter fraud

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