Christmas Symbols Exposed Part 2
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Credits to brother Anthony for this video.  His YouTube channel is SDR_Anthony



In part one, we took the time to investigate the origins of Christmas. We uncovered that Christmas has no Christian sanctity at all and it only became Christianized in the fourth century A.D. under the papacy of Pope Julius I. The Latin church chose December 25th to be the celebration of the birth of Christ annually. In reality, Christmas celebrations can be traced back to ancient Roman sun worship and December 25th was in celebration of the Brumalia, or the winter solstice. To quote once again author C.A. Cornelius in his book "Ecclesiastical History, Part Two," page 139, he says:


"It was also called 'deus natalis invicti solis' (the birth feast of the unconquered sun) because in that season when the short days are gone, the sun again comes forth victorious from the gloomy night to travel on its orbit like an unconquered hero."


Also, the term "Merry Christmas" shows great joy and happiness that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is dead since the root words in this term are "Christ" and "mass." The mass, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia is the offering of a victim to God; it is the destruction of this victim. And one Catholic leader that was quoted in part one, said that Christ is offered on the altar for the sins of mankind, "a thousand times" rather than just once, as the Bible tells us. Now, here in part two, we will be uncovering the symbols surrounding this holiday and exposing Santa Claus' origins and what he represents.


The meaning of the name 'Old Nick:'


Adam Clarke's commentary on Luke 2:


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Miscellaneous Christmas facts:



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