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Non-TTR Familial Amyloidosis
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Published 4 years ago
This is a video about up to 6o different non-TTR type amyloidosis types. The importance of genetic testing is covered as well we links to the facts page for genetic testing. We talk about carriers of the genetic mutation, as well we those who do not have a lot of effects from the genetic mutation, and those who have multiple organ involvement from the genetic mutation.

The treatments, supportive and medication are not covered in length in this video, because they were covered in the treatments video for ATTR.

Please remember to "Like" and "Subscribe" if you learn something from the content. I deliberately do not go into a lot of detail because I do not want to overwhelm you with information. If you have questions, please feel free to ask him. Others may have the same question and I will cover the answers in a later response. [email protected] for questions you would like answered.
non-ttr familial amyloidosisdifferences in the attr and non-ttrgenetic testing importance

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