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One Voice w Rich Meyers Ep 57 - Fake Bomber Visual and Where Do I Go For News and Info


One Voice with Rich Meyers

Published: 6 months ago

In this episode, I take the viewer on a tour of sites I go to to get the News that formulates my opinions. The main focus is on the Fake Bomber Psyop and the failed Visual the Media has created. How all of these October surprises from the left, Kavanaugh, The Caravan, The Fake Bomber are effecting Early Voting and our chances to keep Congress and the Senate.


alex jones, andrew cuomo, barack obama, bomb scare, chuck schumer, congress, dan bongino, david harris, fake bomber, freedom watch, ha goodman, hillary clinton, infowars, judicial watch, laura ingraham, martin brodel, millie weaver, pete santilli, president trump, project veritas, sayoc, sean hannity, senate, the still report

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